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19 July at 23:58

Nathan Shepard is truly a miracle worker! The insurance company was only going to pay a small portion of my repair claim. Needless to say, my insurance binder was a very lengthy document with insurance jargon and terminology that I never could have understood or would have thought to question. Nathan analyzed my policy and combined with his thorough knowledge of the indusdtry was able to obtain the FULL repair costs at todays replacement value! Something I could have never accomplished on my own. Great job Nathan!

15 December 2016

Nate is a great honest guy looking out for the best of me, if you want great service these are the people you want to deal with!

15 August 2016

Life was raining down on me in a big way in June and July 2016. To top it off I found a leak that was under the slab foundation of my home. I noticed the leak through high water bills essentially catching the problem earlier rather than later. However, my insurance company denied my claim and refused to help me fix the problem. I was completely overwhelmed and was considering just letting my home of 20 years go. While working at my house a plumber referred me to PAG and Nathan came out within hours of receiving my call. Nathan reviewed my policy and explained exactly what I was entitled to based on the limits of my policy. He guided me in exactly how to proceed in proving there was a covered loss. Step by step Nathan provided quick and effective assistance, and took additional time to make sure I understood everything. he explained my policy to me in depth pointing out areas of concern with the policy. He provided assistance and recommendations on Insurance coverage and policies. I really appreciate the fact that Nathan took time to educate me on the options available to me as a consumer. His advice will serve me for years to come.

And finally due to the ridiculously low water damage coverage Nathan gave me a huge (ENORMOUS) break on his normal charges so that I would have enough money to actually repair the damage. WELL WORTH THE CALL!

11 July 2016

I got fantastic help and over $10,000 from a roof claim that I otherwise wrote off as never going to happen. Please give them a call with any water damage before you have it repaired. You may be surprised to what you're entitled to like I was.

12 May 2016
They do a great job! Highly recommend anyone with water damage.
18 November 2016